Couple shakes hands with realator in fron of new home

You Just Sold A House!

Your clients are happy and you are happy! They get a brand new house and you get a nice commission! But you know about the major stress of moving first hand. So why don't you thank your clients with a helpful and timeless gift, the gift of boxes! 

Here at the Box Pro we have created specialty customized gift packs for you to give to your clients. The gift packs will include a selected amount of boxes with your realtor logo on them as well as moving supplies. 

Check out this Happy Realtor!

Our happy realtor knew that using The Box Pro for her client's thank you gift was the perfect idea! Her logo is prominently displayed on the box and years later when the boxes are still in the garage of her client's new home, they will see her logo and remember what a thoughtful realtor she was! 

Not only is this the perfect gift idea for your client, it is the easiest gift idea. All you need to do is call up The Box Pro. Tell us which gift pack you would like, send us your logo/advertisement, and provide us with your client's address. The Box Pro will hand deliver the boxes to your client. No hassle for you whatsoever!


Happy Clients Make Happy Realtors:

Happy Movers

Real estate agent Natalie Neith knew that her clients Sam & Yuko had a difficult move ahead of them. Natalie being the awesome real estate agent that she is called The Box Pro and purchased a moving kit for her clients. Sam & Yuko were able to move with confidence thanks to their real estate agent!

Just a Phone Call Away

 Real estate agents Julio & Rosa Mendoza have a very busy schedule, but their clients are always their number 1 priority. Julio & Rosa Mendoza know that The Box Pro can take care of their needs and their client's needs by hand delivering a moving kit to their client's door. No hassle and happy customers, what could be better?

Unforgettable Gift

Look how happy Real Estate Agent Raquel Margo made this little girl with the gift of boxes. The gift is both thoughtful and useful in an extremely hectic time in your client's life. Years down the road when this little girl is ready to buy her first house, Raquel Margo will be her first thought for the job!


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